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Workers insecurity drive a rise in poor mental health harming productivity: OECD Report

“Increasing job insecurity and pressure in today’s workplaces could drive a rise in mental health problems in the years ahead“. “The share of workers exposed to work-related stress, or job strain, has increased in the past decade all across the … Continue reading


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Race Against The Machine

In Race Against the Machine, drawing on research by their team at the Center for Digital Business, they show that there’s been no stagnation in technology — in fact, the digital revolution is accelerating. Recent advances are the stuff of … Continue reading

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Popular representations of the Working Class – contested Identities and Social Change

Read This review critically explores media representations of working class people and working class lives. Drawing on various studies, as well as other examples from different forms of media, it argues firstly that there is prevalence of derogatory images which … Continue reading

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Human-centric work

Human-centric work What is the purpose of an employer? Why do employees go to work? These basic questions have so far had very obvious answers. A corporation exists to make money and the employee goes to work for the employer … Continue reading

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