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Ten principles of good interdisciplinary team work

Background: Interdisciplinary team work is increasingly prevalent, supported by policies and practices that bring care closer to the patient and challenge traditional professional boundaries. To date, there has been a great deal of emphasis on the processes of team work, and in … Continue reading

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Interdisciplinarity as Teamwork

This essay discusses interdisciplinary research in the context of science policy and the practice of science. Comparisons between interdisciplinary research and other forms of cross-disciplinary research are made, and a brief discussion of the development of the concept of interdisciplinarity … Continue reading

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Creativity and Complexity in Cross Functional Teams

Read Cross functional collaboration, when individuals attempt to integrate their diverse knowledge backgrounds into synergistic solutions, is the intersection of a complex set of factors researched in a variety of fields: psychology, management. social psychology, computer science, design, architecture, and … Continue reading

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Team assembly mechanisms determine collaboration network structure and team performance

Read Agents in creative enterprises are embedded in networks that inspire, support, and evaluate their work. Here, we investigate how the mechanisms by which creative teams self-assemble determine the structure of these collaboration networks. We propose a model for the … Continue reading

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The Scientific Basis of Individual and Team Innovation and Discovery

Scientific discovery and innovative engineering design are complex cognitive, social, and sociological acts and have been studied at many different levels. The history, sociology, and philosophy of science and technology are thriving entities, with large conferences and highly competitive journals. … Continue reading

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