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The Horizon Report – 2011 Edition

Read This volume, the  2011 Horizon Report, examines emerging technologies for their potential impact on and use in teaching, learning, and creative inquiry. It is the eighth in the annual series of reports focused on emerging technology in the higher … Continue reading


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Currents of change: Exploring relationships between teaching, learning and development – Participatory and transformative education

Read “I think participatory education is about transforming people. And transformative education is the process in which we, first of all, challenge power relations in order to create a safe environment so that different voices can emerge and be heard—but … Continue reading

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Teaching for Creativity: Building Innovation through Open-Inquiry Learning

For many of us, creativity often feels like a gift that others have. Yet, all our lives depend on creative thinking and doing as we grow, learn, and work. Although creative, innovative thinking has always moved our culture forward, today … Continue reading

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Role Play and Simulation – Returning to Teaching for Understanding

Read   This article describes how simulation and role play can be important learning strategies that will create long-lasting understanding. Simulation involves participating in a very real learning experience that closely resembles an actual setting. These actual settings may be … Continue reading

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Teaching Thinking – the Practice of Philosophy with Children

Read Read also: Thinking in education One important goal of education is helping young people to develop their ability to think for themselves in responsible way. That means to learn how to think more reflectively and therefore to acquaint children … Continue reading

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Critique and Sociology – towards a new understanding of Teaching as an integral part of Sociological Work

Read   This paper aims to shed light on teaching as an integral part of sociological work. The aim of sociologists to contribute to critical inquiry can be traced back to Enlightenment ideas. Based on empirical findings from my doctoral … Continue reading

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