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Knowledge, complexity, and innovation systems

Read The book addresses the relationship between knowledge, complexity and innovation systems. It integrates research findings from a broad area including economics, business studies, management studies, geography, mathematics and science & technology contributions from a wide range group of international … Continue reading


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Perspectives on Organizational Change – Systems and Complexity Theories

Read It is becoming increasingly important for organizations to gain competitive advantage by being able to manage and survive change. This paper presents two theoretical paradigms (systems and complexity theories) through which organizational change processes can be fruitfully examined. Systems … Continue reading

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Soft systems methodology

Soft systems methodology (SSM) is a systemic approach for tackling real-world complex problem situations. Developed in the 1970s by a team of academics from the University of Lancaster led by Prof Peter Checkland, and resulted from their attempts to tackle … Continue reading

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Systems Approaches to Managing Change in a world of increasing complexity: A Practical Guide

Read In a world of increasing complexity, instant information availability and constant flux, systems approaches provide the opportunity of a tangible anchor of purpose and iterate learning. The five approaches outlined in the book offer a range of interchangeable tools … Continue reading

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A General Methodology for Designing Self-Organizing Systems

Read (Download – at Viewer, change View) Our technologies complexify our environments. Thus, new technologies need to deal with more and more complexity. Several efforts have been made to deal with this complexity using the concept of self-organization. However, in … Continue reading

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