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Digital Methods for Social Science: An Interdisciplinary Guide to Research Innovation

This timely book inspires researchers to deploy relevant, effective, innovative digital methods. It explores the relationship of such methods to ‘mainstream’ social science; interdisciplinarity; innovations in digital research tools; the opportunities (and challenges) of digital methods in researching social life; … Continue reading

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The social sciences and the web: From ‘Lurking’ to interdisciplinary ‘Big Data’ research

‘Big data’ is an area of growing research interest within sociology and numerous other disciplines. The rapid development of social media platforms and other web resources offer a vast and readily accessible repository of data associated with participants’ activities, attitudes … Continue reading

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Creative Research Methods in the Social Sciences: A Practical Guide

With foreword by Kenneth J. Gergen and Mary M. Gergen. Creative research methods can help to answer complex contemporary questions, which are hard to answer using traditional methods alone. Creative methods can also be more ethical, helping researchers to address … Continue reading

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Social Research: Theory, Methods and Techniques

Social Research: Theory, Methods and Techniques presents an understanding of social research practice through appreciation of its foundations and methods. Stretching from the philosophy of science to detailed descriptions of both qualitative and quantitative techniques, it illustrates not only `how’ … Continue reading

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Social Research Methods

This book is designed to help you to succeed in your undergraduate or postgraduate level course on social science research methods. This includes research methods appropriate to a wide range of subjects, such as social science, social anthropology, psychology, leisure … Continue reading

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Do It Yourself Social Research

With the rapid growth of collaborative, indigenous, and community-based research, one of the key challenges researchers face is finding an effective way of involving non-researchers in the research process. Do It Yourself Social Research has been a best-selling methodology guide … Continue reading

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Understanding Social Research

The aim of this book is to introduce novice researchers to the world of social science research. Unlike some of the other ‘worlds’ to which you have become accustomed, the world of science may constitute an unknown and therefore somewhat … Continue reading

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Wittgenstein’s Philosophy and Action Research

Davyyd Greenwood explores the nature of academic social sciences, as “primarily internally regulated, university-based, professional activities”, that “privilege ‘theory’ and ‘method’ over all else, though what theory and method mean in this context is quite out of step with the … Continue reading

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La economía como ciencia social

Leer Los planes de estudio en las principales facultades de Economía están siendo revisados. La crisis en las potencias mundiales cuestiona la corriente de pensamiento neoclásica, redefinida ortodoxa o neoliberal, predominante en esa carrera universitaria. La crisis del paradigma neoliberal … Continue reading

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The Action Turn – Toward a Transformational Social Science

This article offers an epistemological basis for action research, in order to increase the validity, the practical significance, and the transformational potential of social science. The article starts by outlining some of the paradigmatic issues which underlie action research, and … Continue reading

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