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Linking Social Capital to Small-worlds: A look at local and network-level processes and structure

In the past decade, two topics have generated much interest in the idea of social networks and network analysis. These are social capital, popularised by Robert Putnam, and small-worlds, popularised by Duncan Watts and Albert-László Barabási. Social capital highlights local … Continue reading

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Handbook of social capital: the troika of sociology, political science and economics

Given the current global economic crisis that has its root causes in the psychology of the marketplace every bit as much as any other factor, the Handbook of Social Capital is timely, insightful, informed, informative, thoughtful and thought-provoking reading. . … Continue reading

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Social capital and political bias in knowledge sharing

Read The benefits of social capital for the sharing of knowledge are frequently emphasized in the literature. However, a few authors have also begun to draw our attention towards the drawbacks of social capital for the working of organizations. In … Continue reading

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