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A carnival of revolution: Central Europe 1989

This is the first history of the revolutions that toppled communism in Europe to look behind the scenes at the grassroots movements that made those revolutions happen. It looks for answers not in the salons of power brokers and famed … Continue reading

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The Common in Revolt

It did not take much imagination, once the analysis of the current economic crisis had been brought back to its causes and social effects, to foretell urban revolts akin to jacqueries. Commonwealth had predicted that already in 2009. Now is … Continue reading

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Manifesto UniNomade Global: Rivoluzione 2.0

Viviamo in una situazione rivoluzionaria. La crisi diventa permanente, la governance imperiale è fallita, l’asse atlantico mostra la corda. Affermare ciò non significa concedere nulla a uno sciocco meccanicismo o a un ingenuo determinismo. Sono le lotte a dimostrare che … Continue reading


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How to Start a Revolution

How to Start a Revolution is a portrait of how millions of people can make a difference to their own lives if they are only given the resources to do it.  It also shows how social media and the web … Continue reading

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Imperiled Revolutions

The Arab Spring was marked by spontaneous revolts, lack of charismatic leaders, youthful exuberance, and disdain for more traditional forms of organizational discipline. That is what made these revolutions so appealing. Institutional obstacles to democracy, however, require institutional responses: speaking … Continue reading

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