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Wittgenstein’s Philosophy and Action Research

Davyyd Greenwood explores the nature of academic social sciences, as “primarily internally regulated, university-based, professional activities”, that “privilege ‘theory’ and ‘method’ over all else, though what theory and method mean in this context is quite out of step with the … Continue reading

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Children could learn valuable lessons in moral citizenship

School pupils learn about practical philosophy. Children could learn valuable lessons in moral citizenship, such as making moral judgements and informed choices, through taking part in philosophical dialogue, according to researchers at Strathclyde. A study of more than 130 primary … Continue reading

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Philosophy and the Search for Ideas: Foundations of Critical Thinking

As historians are quick to point out, the parallels between modern times and the classical world – including not only Greece, but also Rome – are plentiful. No new thinking here. In profound ways, our modern society, laws, forms of … Continue reading

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How does using philosophy and creative thinking enable me to recognise and develop inclusive gifts and talents in my pupils

In this assignment it is my intention to show how using philosophy and creative thinking with junior school children has enabled me to identify gifts and talents that I might otherwise have been unaware of; the impact this has had … Continue reading

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Chasing Vygotsky’s Dogs – Retrieving Lev Vygotsky’s Philosophy for a Workers’ Paradise

In an article published in 1930, Lev Vygotsky refers explicitly to the seventeenth century Dutch philosopher Benedictus de Spinoza. From a close reading of Vygotsky’s remarkable piece, ‘The socialist transformation of man,’ the extraordinary parallels in the lives and philosophies … Continue reading

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Teaching Thinking – the Practice of Philosophy with Children

Read Read also: Thinking in education One important goal of education is helping young people to develop their ability to think for themselves in responsible way. That means to learn how to think more reflectively and therefore to acquaint children … Continue reading

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Thinking in education

Thinking in education In “Thinking in Education”, Matthew Lipman views the concept of “schooling without thinking” as completely contrary to everything education should be. It destroys creativity and the natural impulse to learn by constricting the young child. To illustrate … Continue reading

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