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Multi-site Action Research – Conceptualizing a variety of Multi-organization Practice

Classical action research within single organizations has become a well established and differentiated approach since its inception more than six decades ago. More recently, many have built on the foundational principles of action research to develop and implement larger-scale, multi-organization, … Continue reading

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Bridging Epistemologies – The Generative Dance between Organizational Knowledge and Organizational Knowing

Read Much current work on organizational knowledge, intellectual capital, knowledge-creating organizations, knowledge work, and the like rests on a single, traditional understanding of the nature of knowledge. We call this understanding the “epistemology of possession,” since it treats knowledge as … Continue reading

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Team assembly mechanisms determine collaboration network structure and team performance

Read Agents in creative enterprises are embedded in networks that inspire, support, and evaluate their work. Here, we investigate how the mechanisms by which creative teams self-assemble determine the structure of these collaboration networks. We propose a model for the … Continue reading

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