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An empirical study of sustainability leaders who hold post-conventional consciousness

Read Purpose: Document how leaders and change agents with a highly-developed meaning-making system design and engage in sustainability initiatives. Findings: These leaders appear to: (1) Design from a deep inner foundation, including grounding their work in transpersonal meaning; (2) Access … Continue reading


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Developing a new Perspective on Leadership Theory – From a Tree of Knowledge to a Rhizome of Contingencies

Read Does the discursive formation of leadership theory hinder the development and practise of alternative leadership styles in the UK?  This research question is in response to the issues summarised in the PriceWaterhouseCooper’s 2008 report on Key Trends in Human … Continue reading

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The Conductor-less Orchestra

Tapping into the unique skills of knowledge workers requires leaders to adopt new ways of thinking and to apply new models of organization to the workplace. According to Harvard business professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter in Executive Excellence, “Your structures should … Continue reading

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The Leadership Implications of the evolving Web

Read How does the Web shape the role and understanding of leadership? Is a new leadership paradigm emerging?  What  mindsets, skills,  and knowledge are necessary for it?  What are key challenges and opportunities, pioneer examples and patterns in the business, … Continue reading

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Local Knowledge – Case studies of four innovative places

It is often more important for most cities, regions and countries to absorb knowledge, adopt and spread innovations, than it is to create new ideas and products through invention and discovery. There are real economic and social gains generated when … Continue reading

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University Education for Community and Social Change

Read Despite the growing consensus on the critical importance of grassroots organizations, and despite this major investment and growth, the field of community and social change faces a mounting crisis of leadership.  There is a severe shortage of people who … Continue reading

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Leading Change – Leadership, Organization, and Social Movements

What is the role of leadership in a social movement? What are social movements? What is leadership? And what do they have to do with each other? Despite a lack of attention by social movement scholars, leadership plays a key … Continue reading

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Exploring Leadership in Multi-sectoral Partnerships

Read This article explores some critical aspects of leadership in the context of multi-sectoral partnerships. It focuses on leadership in practice and asks the question, “How do managers experience and perceive leadership in such partnerships?’ The study contributes to the … Continue reading

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Leadership, Cognitive Complexity, and Gender

Read   This paper uses two theories of adult development to frame an exploration of gender and leadership. In the last decade, the definition of an effective leader has shifted from charismatic decision maker to steward, designer, and builder of … Continue reading

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Change projects – Which sounds more like your projects?

Viking ships   Changes ultimately come to life through the individuals who have to do their jobs differently as a result of a project or initiative. Whether the project involves a process impacting 15 people, a new technology impacting 150 … Continue reading

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