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The myth of knowledge objects: the gap between knowing and acting

Read My last couple of posts have been about how important context is in KM. Without connecting to people, conversing and re-contextualising we are not really doing KM. In my mind knowledge doesn’t come in packets off a shelf; it’s … Continue reading

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Training Creative and Collaborative Knowledge-Builders – Major challenge for the 21st century Education

Read In a world that is changing at an unprecedented pace, what can education provide that will prepare today’s children for the challenges of the Twenty-first century? This report introduces the forces that lead to rapid environmental change and the … Continue reading

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Action research in developing knowledge networks

Read This paper describes the experiences of the Eastern Head Injury Study in creating a strategic regional head injury service framework using a collaborative action research methodology. The types of data, information and knowledge required to develop and support such … Continue reading

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Bridging Epistemologies – The Generative Dance between Organizational Knowledge and Organizational Knowing

Read Much current work on organizational knowledge, intellectual capital, knowledge-creating organizations, knowledge work, and the like rests on a single, traditional understanding of the nature of knowledge. We call this understanding the “epistemology of possession,” since it treats knowledge as … Continue reading

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Material knowing – the scaffolding of human knowledgeability

Read In this paper, I want to argue for the importance of considering materiality in our studies of knowledge in organizations. In particular, I want to make the case that our understanding of organizational knowledge, learning, and capabilities is limited … Continue reading

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The Epistemic Value of Curiosity

In this essay, Frederick Schmitt and Reza Lahroodi explore the value of curiosity for inquiry and knowledge. They defend an appetitive account of curiosity, viewing curiosity as a motivationally original desire to know that arises from having one’s attention drawn … Continue reading

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Sourcing knowledge for innovation – The international dimension

Read   Drawing knowledge from external – especially international – sources has become increasingly important to small and medium-sized firms (SMEs). As these firms cannot generate all they need to know to develop new products and processes within their own … Continue reading

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Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy

Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy In a globalized neo-colonial world an insidious and often debilitating crisis of knowledge not only continues to undermine the quality of research produced by scholars but to also perpetuate a neo-colonial and oppressive socio-cultural, political economic, … Continue reading

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Knowledge, Creativity and Communication

Read This report considers the potential effects of social and technological change on the character of knowledge, creativity and communication over the next three decades. It draws on evidence and insights from a set of 20 commissioned reviews in order … Continue reading

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Affect – Knowledge, Communication, Creativity and Emotion

Read Concerns about emotional well-being have recently become the focus of social policy, particularly in education settings. This is a sudden and unique development in placing new ideas about emotion and creativity and communication in curriculum content, pedagogy and assessment, … Continue reading

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