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On the importance of social capital in knowledge sharing within virtual communities of practice

Read The development of social capital is an important piece towards fostering knowledge sharing in these groups. In other words, a cohesive, functioning community must develop. And members must trust one another. It makes sense, right? Social capital can bridge … Continue reading

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Knowledge sharing over social networking systems

Read Previous research has focused heavily on community communications as they occur in e.g. communities of practice. Still, as indicated by the concept of networked individualism, contacts are becoming more networked in nature and group membership is transient. The research … Continue reading

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Social capital and political bias in knowledge sharing

Read The benefits of social capital for the sharing of knowledge are frequently emphasized in the literature. However, a few authors have also begun to draw our attention towards the drawbacks of social capital for the working of organizations. In … Continue reading

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Ad-hoc Transient Communities – Towards Fostering Knowledge sharing in Learning Networks

Read (Download – at Viewer, change View) To enhance users’ social embedding within learning networks, we propose to establish ad-hoc transient communities. These communities serve a particular goal, exist for a limited period of time and operate according to specific … Continue reading

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