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Internet and Society – Social Theory in the Information Age

Read The  study on  Internet and  Society undertaken here  takes place within a  larger  framework that  has  during  the  last  years  been  labeled with  categories  like  Internet  research,  ICTs  and society, social  informatics,  informatics and society, new media research,  information … Continue reading


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Informing Communities – Sustaining Democracy in the Digital Age

Read Technologies for acquiring and disseminating news and information are changing rapidly. Emerging media have become amazing forces for enabling people to connect. But their full potential is not yet realized in the service of geographic communities, the physical places … Continue reading

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Recovering from information overload

Recovering from information overload Always-on, multitasking work environments are killing productivity, dampening creativity, and making us unhappy. For all the benefits of the information technology and communications revolution, it has a well-known dark side: information overload and its close cousin, … Continue reading

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Complexity and Information Overload in Society – Why increasing efficiency leads to decreasing control

Read It is argued that social and technological evolution is characterized by ephemeralization, an accelerating increase in the  efficiency of all material, energetic and informational processes. This leads  to the practical disappearance of the constraints of space, time, matter and … Continue reading

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