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Interest Matters: The Importance of Promoting Interest in Education

Interest is a powerful motivational process that energizes learning, guides academic and career trajectories, and is essential to academic success. Interest is both a psychological state of attention and affect toward a particular object or topic, and an enduring predisposition … Continue reading


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Research Methods for Education in the Digital Age

What is research in education? And what is it for in a digital age? Reflecting upon these questions, this engaging introduction provides critical discussion about the dilemmas of researching education in the digital age and ways forward for research in … Continue reading

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Designing Research in Education: Concepts and Methodologies

This is a clear introduction to the methodological and philosophical debates in the field of education research. It sets out the key ideas, questions, and dilemmas which inform all research and then, through the careful use of case studies and … Continue reading

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Ethics and Education Research

Part of the popular BERA/SAGE Research Methods in Education series, this is the first book to specifically focus on the ethics of Education research. Drawn from the authors’ experiences in the UK, Australia and mainland Europe and with contributions from … Continue reading

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Education, Participatory Action Research and Social Change

Drawing primarily from critical traditions in social and educational research, this book frames contemporary issues and several conceptual, theoretical-analytical and onto-epistemmic approaches towards the development and practice of PAR (Participatory Action Research) in multiple educational spaces and initiatives for socio-cultural … Continue reading

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Working With Cultural-Historical Activity Theory

This article focuses on the experiences of two researchers, Wolff-Michael Roth and Luis Radford, using cultural-historical activity theory in mathematics education. The aim is to provide insights into the ways these researchers see and engage with activity theory, how they … Continue reading

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Complexity Theory and the Philosophy of Education

Complexity as an approach to knowledge and knowledge systems now recognizes both the growth of global systems architectures in (tele)communications and information with the development of open knowledge production systems that increasingly rest not only on the establishment of new … Continue reading

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The educational value of creative disobedience

We say we want children to achieve at the highest level—to be the next generation of great scientists and innovators and artists and world leaders—yet the system we’ve put in place makes it nearly impossible for each child to reach … Continue reading

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Desescolarizarse para aprender

Estos últimos meses a lo largo de todo Chile ha quedado de manifiesto un generalizado descontento por parte de todos los actores sociales, quienes han salido innumerables veces a protestar y manifestarse exigiendo una educación de calidad, laica y gratuita. … Continue reading

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The World Becomes What You Teach

Zoe Weil believes that what we commonly think of as the goal of education—preparing students for jobs in our economy—is a vision “too small and outmoded for today’s world.” Instead, she believes we should teach students to be conscious choice … Continue reading

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