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Critical gender studies and international development studies: interdisciplinarity and inclusion

Critical gender studies and international development studies are both interdisciplinary, but intellectual agility can ensure they are inclusive sites of knowledge production. To develop intellectual agility, which underpins progressive interdisciplinarity, students must paradoxically venture into more closely defined disciplinary traditions … Continue reading


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Implications of adopting a Complexity Framework for Development

Read Read also:  Complexity – an appropriate Framework for Development ? Formal  recognition  of  development  as  a  complex adaptive process confers  two  key  benefits.  Firstly,  it  presents  a  theoretical  synthesis  to guide the current strands of change into a more … Continue reading

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Currents of change: Exploring relationships between teaching, learning and development – Participatory and transformative education

Read “I think participatory education is about transforming people. And transformative education is the process in which we, first of all, challenge power relations in order to create a safe environment so that different voices can emerge and be heard—but … Continue reading

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Supportive systems for continuous and online professional development

Read   We highlight four differences between formal educational systems and supportive systems which have to be taken into account in order to design a system rooted in online environments and social media. These differences are: 1) from pre-produced to … Continue reading

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