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Imagining a Self-Organised Classroom – Some Gilles Deleuze’s conceptualisations

This paper uses complexity theory as a means towards clarifying some of Gilles Deleuze’s conceptualisations in communication and the philosophy of language. His neologisms and post-structuralist tropes are often complicated and appear to be merely metaphorical. However their meanings may … Continue reading

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Towards a Rhizomatic Method for Knowledge Management

Read The paper highlights the importance of ontological assumptions to the management of knowledge and the development of knowledge management systems. It juxtaposes the ontology of “being” based on the work of Heidegger , and the ontology of “becoming” based … Continue reading

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The cyclical process of action research – The contribution of Gilles Deleuze

Read Action Research is normally described as both a cyclical process and a participatory (democratic/egalitarian) undertaking. This article does not seek to contest the idiosyncrasies and pragmatics of the cyclical process involved in action research. Rather, it seeks to enrich … Continue reading

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Riding the lines of flight – Lifelong learning as a rhizome requires rhizomatic research

Thinking about the future of educational research requires a conceptual resource that is itself both imaginative and multiple and at the same time articulates a world with those self-same characteristics. This is provided by the work of Deleuze and Guattari.  … Continue reading

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Schizoanalysis – Meeting a Patient as a Singular Event – A Philosophical Reflection

Read This inheritance from traditional methodologies is fundamentally problematic for a horizontalist practice that emphasizes intra-subjective transformation (becoming-other) over relations between subjects. This paper investigates the potential of schizoanalysis to provide an alternative to traditional research methodologies. Schizoanalysis was developed … Continue reading

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Collaborative Practice – Categorising forms of collaboration for practitioners

Read Faced with the prospects of a collaborative writing venture, a contract and a tight deadline for our collaborative text The Girls Guide to Real Estate we realised that our understanding of collaboration had not been much more than a … Continue reading

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Geophilosophy and methodology – science education research in a rhizomatic space

Read In practice research needs to be messy and heterogeneous. It needs to be messy and heterogeneous, because that is the way it, research, actually is. And also, and more importantly, it needs to be messy because that is the … Continue reading

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