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Interdisciplinarity: How to Catalyse Collaboration

An urgent push to bridge the divide between the biophysical and the social sciences is crucial. It is the only way to drive global sustainable development that delivers social inclusion, environmental sustainability and economic prosperity. Sustainability is the classic ‘wicked’ … Continue reading

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The Practice of Co-operative Inquiry – Systemic Practice and Action Research

This issue of Systemic Practice and Action Research focuses on the practice of co-operative inquiry, and in particular on the choices and actions of those who initiate and facilitate co-operative inquiry groups. I have been struck how much the people … Continue reading

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Why Peer Discussion Improves Student Performance on In-Class Concept Questions

When students answer an in-class conceptual question individually using clickers, discuss it with their neighbors, and then revote on the same question, the percentage of correct answers typically increases. This outcome could result from gains in understanding during discussion, or … Continue reading

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A Layperson’s Guide to Co-operative Inquiry

We believe that good research is research with people rather than on people. We believe that ordinary people are quite capable of developing their own ideas and can work together in a co-operative inquiry group to see if these ideas … Continue reading

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