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Vygotskian collaborative project of social transformation – History, politics, and practice in knowledge construction

Read Vygotsky’s theory has recently evolved as an innovative approach to many fundamental issues in psychology and education. Ironically, however, his legacy is mostly portrayed from the standpoint of outdated – cognitivist and individualist – views on science and history, … Continue reading

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51 Ways to Spark a Commons Revolution

51 Ways to Spark a Commons Revolution   What you can do, alone and with others, to share life.

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Why is Open Access Development so Successful? – Stigmergic organization and the economics of information

Read (Download – at Viewer, change View) The  explosive  development  of    “free”  or  “open  source”  information goods  contravenes  the  conventional  wisdom  that  markets  and  commercial organizations are necessary  to efficiently supply products. This paper proposes  a theoretical explanation for this … Continue reading

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Collaborative Practice – Categorising forms of collaboration for practitioners

Read Faced with the prospects of a collaborative writing venture, a contract and a tight deadline for our collaborative text The Girls Guide to Real Estate we realised that our understanding of collaboration had not been much more than a … Continue reading

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Collaboration in Social Change – Fostering Critical Connections – A literature review

The biologists may have us believe that collaboration is in our DNA, selected- for in evolutionary terms, because it works. But, as they also point out, so too is competition. The pull between collaboration and competition is an inherent and … Continue reading

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