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Leading Change: Breaking Through the Fear of Mistakes

One of the most underestimated reasons for change to fail is the fear of failure.  Fear of failure can be deeply embedded in the organization. In the way targets are set, in the way performance and success is managed, in … Continue reading

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The Power of Positive Deviance: How Unlikely Innovators Solve the World’s Toughest Problems

Think of the toughest problems in your organization or community. What if they’d already been solved and you didn’t even know it? In The Power of Positive Deviance, the authors present a counterintuitive new approach to problem-solving. Their advice? Leverage … Continue reading

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A Change Maker’s Guide to Economic Paradigms

We are in the midst of a collapsing economic paradigm. This is evident in the widespread wealth inequality, absence of strong civic institutions, corrosive infusion of money into our broken democracy, and a deteriorated environment ravaged by a profound blindness … Continue reading

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Agents of change

Conventional economic models failed to foresee the financial crisis. Could agent-based modelling do better? Mainstream economics has always had its dissidents. But the discipline’s failure to predict the financial crisis has made the ground especially fertile for a rethink. Critics … Continue reading

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