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Towards a Second Order Research Methodology

Read This paper addresses the need  for re-examining the cognitive perspective on the role of language in social research. From the autopoietic  perspective, language  is not a tool to reveal an objective world; rather language is a venue  for action, … Continue reading

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Churchman and Maturana – Enriching the Notion of Self-Organization for Social Design

Read West Churchman and Humberto Maturana share similar cultural traditions involving frustrations with applying conventional systematic methods in domains of social systems design (Churchman) and neurobiology (Maturana). They have independently of each other developed a rich systemic framework of analysis … Continue reading

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Autopoiesis and fluid self-organizing networks in business

Read   In a typical organization “management” entails autopoiesis – a process that builds a closed purposeful system that seeks to perpetuate itself. Some self-sustaining processes seem necessary; however an organization today is surrounded by highly dynamic, competitive, and socially … Continue reading

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