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Neoliberal Politics as Failed Sociality: Youth and the Crisis of Higher Education

Read The American public is no longer offered the opportunities, guidance, and modes of education that cultivate the capacities for critical thinking and engaged citizenship. The formative cultures that provide the preconditions for critical thought and agency and are crucial … Continue reading

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A rebeldia dos jovens que nos faz tanta falta

Read Entre tantas frases estimulantes e provocadoras que as rebeliões populares no mundo árabe e agora na Europa, essencialmente protagonizada por jovens, fizeram ecoar pelo mundo afora, a que mais nos incomoda – com toda razão – é aquela que … Continue reading

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Guide to Social Change Led By and With Young People

Typical classroom-based and adult-led community “youth engagement” activities are done to or for young people, meaning that adults conceive of these activities, design them, institute them, and evaluate them afterwards. There are many problems to this approach, the main one … Continue reading

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Youth participation and community change

Read Young people become empowered by their participation in the institutions and decisions that affect their lives–which in turn can lead to real positive change in the community. Youth Participation and Community Change presents leading authorities providing the latest research … Continue reading

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Revolutionizing education: Youth Participatory Action Research in motion

Revolutionalizing Education makes extraordinarily unique contributions to the literature on young people by offering a broad framework for understanding a groundbreaking critical research methodlogy known as Youth-led Participatory Action Research. YPAR is a way to involve young people in defining … Continue reading

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Youth in Revolt

Read One great irony of the youth-led revolt in the Arab world is that the two shining successes, Tunisia and Egypt, were previously stellar examples of neoliberal policy. Another factor in youth protest in the West, beyond the systemic lack … Continue reading

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Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture – Media Education for the 21st Century

Read According to a recent study from the Pew Internet & American Life project, more than one-half of all teens have created media content, and roughly one-third of teens who use the Internet have shared content they produced. In many … Continue reading

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The relations of Learning and Student Social Class – toward re-socializing Sociocultural Learning Theory

Read Although social groups have long been the subject of Vygotskian-inspired research, as in Luria’s early study of urban, rural and homeless children, there has been little work on low-income learners as a social group within the activity context of … Continue reading

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Nurturing Creativity in Young People

Read This report offers: – A clear framework for the further development of creativity for children and young people – A progression within this framework that starts with the Early Years, is embedded in (but goes beyond) mainstream education, develops … Continue reading

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Youth-led Innovation – enhancing the skills and capacity of the next generation of innovators

Read   Young people can best develop the skills for innovation by receiving positive feedback and recognition for early successes and having opportunities to experience successful innovation for themselves. These experiences increase young people’s confidence in their ability to identify … Continue reading

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