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Engaging Adolescent Participants in Academic Research

This article examines the use of photo-elicitation interviews as a qualitative research method when studying aspects of adolescent behaviour. In particular, it describes and evaluates the use of photo-elicitation interviews to investigate the outdoor education experiences of a group of … Continue reading

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How to do Research – Kids Research Portal

Read “The Kentucky Virtual Library presents: How to do research! Step 1: Plan your project.  Plan your project tutorial Define your subject Brainstorm What do you already know? Group similar ideas Identify key words and phrases Make a quest strategy … Continue reading

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Dialogue, Knowledge, and Teacher-Student Relations – Freirean Pedagogy in Theory and Practice

Read In this article, I draw on ethnographic fieldwork among popular adult education non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Brazil to show how popular educators interpreted and acted based on Freirean pedagogical theory in ways that appeared to reduce its potential for … Continue reading

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I’m “Only” Bleeding: Education as the Practice of Violence against Children

(Link pending) This book explores the construction of the idea of the child as a product of adult needs and school as a place where children may be confined until they are considered socially useful. Drawing parallels with folk singer … Continue reading

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How to Get Your Students Thinking

How to Get Your Students Thinking What do you do when reading the book and completing the worksheet doesn’t work? It’s time to get creative! Discover some technology-infused lessons, activities, and projects that motivate students to think and express their … Continue reading

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