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Activity Theory and the Social Construction of Knowledge

Read The more foundational epistemological stance of activity theory is seldom explored. I argue that activity theory has an original and potentially powerful approach to the social construction of knowledge. This approach may prove useful for practice-based attempts to reconceptualize … Continue reading

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Learning and Environmental Social Movements

Social movements are intense locations for knowledge coming together and for learning to occur. By social movement learning I refer to several interconnected phenomena: a) informal learning occurring by persons who are part of any social movement; b) intentional learning … Continue reading

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Social Movements Knowledge – What Do We Know, How Do We Create Knowledge and What Do We Do With It

Social Movements produce knowledge about the social world. More specifically, they produce knowledge from below, information about society which is inconvenient to and resisted by those above: the wealthy, the mighty and the learned (or , as we might say, … Continue reading

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