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Towards a Rhizomatic Method for Knowledge Management

Read The paper highlights the importance of ontological assumptions to the management of knowledge and the development of knowledge management systems. It juxtaposes the ontology of “being” based on the work of Heidegger , and the ontology of “becoming” based … Continue reading

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The cyclical process of action research – The contribution of Gilles Deleuze

Read Action Research is normally described as both a cyclical process and a participatory (democratic/egalitarian) undertaking. This article does not seek to contest the idiosyncrasies and pragmatics of the cyclical process involved in action research. Rather, it seeks to enrich … Continue reading

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Riding the lines of flight – Lifelong learning as a rhizome requires rhizomatic research

Thinking about the future of educational research requires a conceptual resource that is itself both imaginative and multiple and at the same time articulates a world with those self-same characteristics. This is provided by the work of Deleuze and Guattari.  … Continue reading

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Building Community in Web-based Learning Environments: Strategies, Techniques and Tools

  The Web has received widespread acceptance and use for creating and supporting learning activities across disciplines within higher education. However, satisfaction with the Web for purposes of learning has not been as strong as proponents may have hoped. Creating … Continue reading

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An Educational Filter – A rhizomatic process applied to collaborative learning

Viewer —   Download This thesis explores the process of learning theoretically through a rhizomatic process applied to collaborative learning. A rhizome constantly changes, is flexible and spontaneous. The destination of the path is the process of networking. The Rhizomatic … Continue reading

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Globalization as Rhizome: A Case Study of the Late Nineteenth-Century Global Book Trade

This paper applies Deleuze and Guattari’s concept to analyze the growth of the global trade in English-language books, as this development is indicative of how a rhizomic model of globalization captures the nonlinear path growth sometimes seems to follow. Moreover,  … Continue reading

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