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June Holley and The Art of Being Rhizomatic (The Practice of Network Weaving)

June urged us not to think narrowly about Network Weaving as a specific job description, but rather as a role. “You don’t hire someone to be a network weaver. You want someone who is open to learning and a good … Continue reading

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Internet: Towards a Holistic Ontology – Rhizome and Cybernetics

This thesis attempts an outline of an ontology for the Internet based on relational holism. While it does not aim to arrive at any final or conclusive version of this ontology, it does offer some possible models or analogies towards … Continue reading

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Evolution of the Internet: A Rhizomatic Application of Darwin

Evolution is the process Charles Darwin described – the story he told – to explain the diversity of the planet. Evolution exists in nature as the interplay between linear natural selection and random events. This randomness necessitates a nonlinear model … Continue reading


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Rhizomatic Learning

Earlier on this week, the e-Learning team at the University of Bath attended a staff development session from Steve Wheeler [profile | blog], a Senior Lecturer in Education and Information Technology at the University of Plymouth. The session itself has … Continue reading

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