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Importance of Play to Innovation

Read It’s generally accepted that “playtime” is an important part of childhood development. When kids play, they learn how to form stories and use their imagination, how to make sense of the world around them and how to communicate with … Continue reading

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Hierarchy, Freedom and Learning

Learning Requires Freedom Defeating Dominance and Achieving Equality Hunter-Gatherers’ Playful Parenting How Hunter-Gatherers Maintained Their Egalitarian Ways The Natural Environment for Children’s Self-Education Seven Sins of Our System of Forced Education We humans have two fundamentally different ways of governing … Continue reading

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Cyber-Relations in the Field of Home Computer Use for Leisure: Bourdieu and Teenage Technological Experts

Read This article highlights the practice of a group of New Zealand teenagers who are considered by their family and themselves to be technological experts. Drawing on Pierre Bourdieu’s key concepts of habitus, field and capital, this text identifies and … Continue reading

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Role Play and Simulation – Returning to Teaching for Understanding

Read   This article describes how simulation and role play can be important learning strategies that will create long-lasting understanding. Simulation involves participating in a very real learning experience that closely resembles an actual setting. These actual settings may be … Continue reading

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