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Ornette Coleman: Music is a Verb

Read Coleman is not playing traditional Western music. These keys he talks about seem to have less to do with a prearranged system of notes, than with an emotional reaction that he wants to share and express. “I like spiritual … Continue reading

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Biosphere, Homosphere, and Robosphere – Living systems, Language, Conversations, Emotions, Love, Friendship

Read   The biosphere is a history of autonomous living systems. It is a history of transformations in the conservation of living. In the biosphere what is conserved is living, with changes in the forms of living, that is various … Continue reading

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Affect – Knowledge, Communication, Creativity and Emotion

Read Concerns about emotional well-being have recently become the focus of social policy, particularly in education settings. This is a sudden and unique development in placing new ideas about emotion and creativity and communication in curriculum content, pedagogy and assessment, … Continue reading

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The Development of Cognition, Emotion, Imagination and Creativity

Read This dissertation makes a number of inter-related arguments that, at an abstract level, converge on the methodological project of challenging the divide between method and object in conventional social science.  The three constituent claims that merge to create this … Continue reading

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