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Plenitude: The New Economics of True Wealth

In Plenitude economist and bestselling author Juliet Schor offers a groundbreaking intellectual statement about the economics and sociology of ecological decline, suggesting a radical change in how we think about consumer goods, value, and ways to live. Humans are degrading … Continue reading

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Race Against The Machine

In Race Against the Machine, drawing on research by their team at the Center for Digital Business, they show that there’s been no stagnation in technology — in fact, the digital revolution is accelerating. Recent advances are the stuff of … Continue reading

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La economía como ciencia social

Leer Los planes de estudio en las principales facultades de Economía están siendo revisados. La crisis en las potencias mundiales cuestiona la corriente de pensamiento neoclásica, redefinida ortodoxa o neoliberal, predominante en esa carrera universitaria. La crisis del paradigma neoliberal … Continue reading

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The Power of Tribes

What many people do not yet realize is that as the old economy weakens a new one is emerging in lockstep. The five pillars of a capitalist economy are being replicated in the social media movement: Let me start in … Continue reading

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Creative cities, cultural clusters and local economic development

Creative cities, cultural clusters and local economic development This book analyses the economic development of cities from the ‘cultural economy’ and ‘creative industry’ perspectives, examining and differentiating them as two related but distinct segments of contemporary city economies. The authors … Continue reading

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The Impact of Culture on Creativity

Read – Prat I – Part II Culture is the general expression of humanity, the expression of its creativity. Culture is linked to meaning,  knowledge, talents, industries, civilisation and values. The objective of the study is to have a better … Continue reading

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The future of learning in the age of innovation

Read We are entering the innovation age.  The innovation age requires very different citizens from the industrial age that dominated the globe for over a century: people who maximize their creative potential, people who not only master existing skills and … Continue reading

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Get ready for a new economic era

Get ready for a new economic era The mortgage-fueled market slide is leading the United States into much more than a recession—it is also ushering in a new economy. The consumer economy that was born in the 1950s is lurching … Continue reading

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