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The educational value of creative disobedience

We say we want children to achieve at the highest level—to be the next generation of great scientists and innovators and artists and world leaders—yet the system we’ve put in place makes it nearly impossible for each child to reach … Continue reading

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The World Becomes What You Teach

Zoe Weil believes that what we commonly think of as the goal of education—preparing students for jobs in our economy—is a vision “too small and outmoded for today’s world.” Instead, she believes we should teach students to be conscious choice … Continue reading

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La economía como ciencia social

Leer Los planes de estudio en las principales facultades de Economía están siendo revisados. La crisis en las potencias mundiales cuestiona la corriente de pensamiento neoclásica, redefinida ortodoxa o neoliberal, predominante en esa carrera universitaria. La crisis del paradigma neoliberal … Continue reading

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Revolución del aprendizaje – Learning revolution

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Children Educate Themselves

Part I:  Outline of Some of the Evidence Part II:  We All Know That’s True for Little Kids Part III:  The Wisdom of Hunter-Gatherers Part IV:  Lessons from Sudbury Valley As adults we do have certain responsibilities toward our children … Continue reading

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Neoliberal Politics as Failed Sociality: Youth and the Crisis of Higher Education

Read The American public is no longer offered the opportunities, guidance, and modes of education that cultivate the capacities for critical thinking and engaged citizenship. The formative cultures that provide the preconditions for critical thought and agency and are crucial … Continue reading

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Problematizing Critical Pedagogy

Read This article presents the results from a qualitative research study that examined the ways in which 17 self-identified critical pedagogues actually define critical pedagogy and their identification of its central aims and purposes. This article problematizes the overlapping and … Continue reading

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Developing Critical Literacy Skills – Exploring Masculine and Feminine Stereotypes in Children’s Literature

Read Developing critical literacy skills is a major challenge for teachers who are preparing students for a world that is saturated with information. A major part of the challenge is to show students how text, in all its forms, carries … Continue reading

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Action Research and Communicative Action – Changing Teaching Practices and the Organization of Educational Work

Read This paper aims to make a small contribution to the development of some theorising around action research and education, examining a series of topics – Understanding education in a time of change; Studying practice; Action research and the study … Continue reading

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Critically engaged learning: connecting to young lives

Critically engaged learning This book – the finale in a trilogy by the authors – traces the way in which a number of disadvantaged schools and communities were able to move beyond deficit, victim-blaming and pathologizing approaches and access resources … Continue reading

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