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Creative Tensions: A new approach for understanding

IDEO and the Sundance Institute have developed a very compelling way to generate discussion and curiosity. It is called Creative Tensions. And the premise is to physically take a stance along the line between opposing forces within a broader theme. … Continue reading

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Moments of Impact: How to Design Strategic Conversations that Accelerate Change

In our fast-changing world, leaders are increasingly confronted by messy, multifaceted challenges that require collaboration to resolve. But the standard methods for tackling these challenges—meetings packed with data-drenched presentations or brainstorming sessions that circle back to nowhere—just don’t deliver. Great … Continue reading

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Lean and social

We still don’t understand that work is communication: we live and work in a network of conversations. Being lean means understanding that conversations are never neutral. They always affect the quality and pace of the outcome. Communication either accelerates or … Continue reading

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Why Are Some Academics in Conversation an Interrupter

In conversation, I am what is known as an interrupter. I know it’s an annoying habit; I also know it’s one I share with a lot of academics. What I tell myself is that I interrupt people—friends, colleagues, students—when they … Continue reading

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Developing Critically Thoughtful e-Learning Communities of Practice

Read Read also:  Making Critical Thinking an Integral Part of Electronic Research In this paper, we consider an approach to developing critically thoughtful e-Learning communities of practice — where participants are deliberate about the use of specific  intellectual tools supporting  … Continue reading

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Reworking the web, reworking the world – how web 2.0 is changing our society

Read The Web 2.0 phenomena in a sentence: lower communication costs have led to opportunities for more inclusive, collaborative, democratic online participation. As the costs of communicating online decreased, more people, in terms of million, decided that it was worth … Continue reading

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Biosphere, Homosphere, and Robosphere – Living systems, Language, Conversations, Emotions, Love, Friendship

Read   The biosphere is a history of autonomous living systems. It is a history of transformations in the conservation of living. In the biosphere what is conserved is living, with changes in the forms of living, that is various … Continue reading

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Argumentation and Dialogic Teaching – Alternative Pedagogies for a Changing World

Read Studies of classroom communication indicate that certain patterns of interaction – exploratory talk, argumentation and dialogue – promote high-level thinking and intellectual development through their capacity to involve teachers and learners in joint acts of meaning-making and knowledge construction. … Continue reading

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The role of Dialogue Conferences in the Development of Learning Regions

Read   Something very special happens when people from a region come into living contact with each other, face-to-face. In responding not only to each other’s uniqueness, but also to the unique features of their shared surroundings, they create between … Continue reading

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