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How to Solve the World’s Biggest Problems

Interdisciplinarity has become all the rage as scientists tackle climate change and other intractable issues. But there is still strong resistance to crossing borders. “The problems challenging us today, the ones really worth working on, are complex, require sophisticated equipment … Continue reading

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Complexity and knowledge management: understanding the role of knowledge in the management of social networks

Read Simple “causal and effect” thinking doesn’t seem to be able to cut the mustard.  We need to utilize knowledge in new ways … or maybe uncover insights from old ways. It is hard to think of something more worthy … Continue reading

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Critical thinking in a world of accelerating change and complexity

Read We live closely intertwined with our fellow humans in a world in which we must learn to think critically about important social issues. As we move into the future, the issues before us will become more and more complex, … Continue reading

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