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51 Ways to Spark a Commons Revolution

51 Ways to Spark a Commons Revolution   What you can do, alone and with others, to share life.

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Why is Open Access Development so Successful? – Stigmergic organization and the economics of information

Read (Download – at Viewer, change View) The  explosive  development  of    “free”  or  “open  source”  information goods  contravenes  the  conventional  wisdom  that  markets  and  commercial organizations are necessary  to efficiently supply products. This paper proposes  a theoretical explanation for this … Continue reading

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Collaborative Practice – Categorising forms of collaboration for practitioners

Read Faced with the prospects of a collaborative writing venture, a contract and a tight deadline for our collaborative text The Girls Guide to Real Estate we realised that our understanding of collaboration had not been much more than a … Continue reading

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Collaboration in Social Change – Fostering Critical Connections – A literature review

The biologists may have us believe that collaboration is in our DNA, selected- for in evolutionary terms, because it works. But, as they also point out, so too is competition. The pull between collaboration and competition is an inherent and … Continue reading

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