The Handbook of Academic Writing

Book – If you are an academic, the chances are that your career development is defined by what you write. This simple fact is often the basis of cynicism and hostility within the academic world. Despite the inevitable problems associated with how writing is evaluated and rewarded across the disciplines, academic writing continues to be seen as the fulcrum on which many other aspects of scholarship depend. In light of this, it is extraordinary that the process of academic writing continues to be an under-explored, unexamined and poorly reflected-upon process. If it is a process that lies at the very center of academic performance and success for both academic teachers and their students, then surely its dynamics and challenges need to be subjected to more thorough analysis. This book engages in that analysis in order to provide an empowering framework for academic writers. It aims to help you to develop effective approaches to your own writing challenges. It offers insights and lessons that we think will be particularly useful for those who are new to the academic environment but will also help with the re-conceptualization of writing-related issues for those who have been operating in academic environments for some time.



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