Ornette Coleman: Music is a Verb


Coleman is not playing traditional Western music. These keys he talks about seem to have less to do with a prearranged system of notes, than with an emotional reaction that he wants to share and express.

“I like spiritual music,” he says. “I like non-spiritual music. To me, the quality of sound is not about what you like; it’s can you express it so someone else will like it and understand it.” When asked if this means that music is all about sharing, he answered that he would say so. When asked about the process of his own music, his answers get a little more esoteric, and perhaps a little more tongue- in-cheek. “I’ve played in the key of X, Z, P, H!” he says. Just for the record, there are only twelve keys in traditional Western music, and none of them go so far down the alphabet as H.


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