The Scientific Basis of Individual and Team Innovation and Discovery

Scientific discovery and innovative engineering design are complex cognitive, social, and sociological acts and have been studied at many different levels. The history, sociology, and philosophy of science and technology are thriving entities, with large conferences and highly competitive journals. Researchers in these disciplines are making important contributions to our understanding of the larger-scale levels of discovery and innovation. By contrast, much less is known about the cognitive and social psychological levels of innovation. The psychology of science is a small field historically and has few members currently. The area has no journals and no conferences. The psychology of design is a more recent development and overall a smaller field still. Thus, we do not yet know whether design innovation and scientific discovery are psychologically the same entity (e.g., forms of complex creativity influenced by heuristic search and analogical insights) or psychologically different entities (e.g., primarily analytic reasoning vs. primarily synthetic reasoning).



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